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JASRA (Jacksonville Area Ship Repair Association)
PO Box 280144
Mayport , FL 32228

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    • Share common interests and issues
    • Increase visibility with public as an "industry"
    • Increase our ability to inform / influence political agenda (but no "lobbying" as JASRA is a 501(c)(6) organization and could lose its tax-exempt status if it lobbys)
    • Promote mutual training / education efforts
    • Assist in standardizing practices and administration within the Port
    • Increase ability to train and recruit for the industry
    • Provide a vehicle to do things that it would not be appropriate for separate companies to do on their own.
    • Making their concerns known to various federal, state, and local agencies.
    • Working with and improving communications with the navy and other common customers.
    • Working with other regional Ship Repair Associations to promote national agenda and support for repair budgets.
    • Providing a communications link for information affecting the industry.
    • Coordinating industry workforce development programs and member-driven training courses.
    • Providing U.S. Navy / SERMC sanctioned Quality Assurance Procedures.
    • Providing Forums for sharing critical industry-related information through standing committees and seminars.

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