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JASRA (Jacksonville Area Ship Repair Association)
PO Box 280144
Mayport , FL 32228

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Jacksonville Area Ship Repair Association

The Jacksonville Area Ship Repair Association (JASRA) is a trade association representing companies engaged in, or supporting, the ship repair industry. The association is incorporated as a non-profit, (501c(6)). Its mission is to maintain high professional standards in the South Atlantic and Jacksonville, Florida ship  repair industry; to promote competition within the industry; to serve its member companies in the private sector; to promote the interest of the ship repair industry by educating the general community; to establish and maintain the integrity of the ship repair industry in the stated geographical area; to encourage the use of the goods and services of the members of the Corporation; to advance, encourage, promote, increase and protect, by any and all legitimate methods, the interests of South Atlantic ship repair companies, especially in respect to the ship repair industry.

The Jacksonville Area Ship Repair Association was founded in
2005 when corporate officers of individual private sector shipyards decided that such an organization would be beneficial and provide a platform for the ship repair community.  Membership was extended to ship repair subcontractors, suppliers, and support service companies.  At the first general meeting  the Board of Directors were unanimously voted into office by the members.  They were as follows:  Bob Birtalan, Atlantic Marine, Inc., Gary Million, North Florida Shipyards, Mayport Division, Steve Jenkins, Moran Environmental, Joe O’Conor, Ear Industries, Bob Wilson, North Florida Shipyards, Commodores Point, Earl Yerger, Marine Hydraulics International, Inc., Mike Pitocchi, L3 Communications / PacOrd, Herschel Vinyard, Atlantic Dry Dock Corporation, and Mike Whalen, Specialty Marine.   Officers were appointed by the board as follows:  President, Bob Birtalan, Atlantic Marine, Inc., 1st Vice President, Gary Million,
North Florida Shipyards, 2nd Vice President, Steve Jenkins, Moran Environmental, Secretary, Joe O’Conor, Earl Industries, Treasurer, Bob Wilson, North Florida Shipyards.    

Currently, the Jacksonville Area Ship Repair Association represents approximately 50 member companies.


JASRA  works closely with OSHA, the U.S. Navy and its Southeast Regional Maintenance Center, as well as other maritime organizations and a variety of government agencies, federal and state, to create a high standard of excellence in the ship repair industry.

JASRA provides value to its members by, and among other things:

  • Making their concerns known to various federal, state, and local agencies.
  • Working with and improving communications with the navy and other common customers.
  • Working with other regional Ship Repair Associations to promote national agenda and support for repair budgets.
  • Providing a communications link for information affecting the industry.
  • Coordinating industry workforce development programs and member-driven training courses.
  • Providing U.S. Navy / SERMC sanctioned Quality Assurance Procedures.
  • Providing Forums for sharing critical industry-related information through standing committees and seminars.

JASRA Board of Directors meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  General luncheon meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  The JASRA President and the JASRA committee chairs report to the general membership, followed by a guest speakers’ presentation.  Each member company may have its designated representatives present at the general membership monthly luncheon meeting and is welcome to invite guests.

The JASRA standing committees are:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Political Action
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Membership
  • Contracts

The JASRA President appoints committee chairs.  Member companies are strongly encouraged to participate in committee meetings and activities.  Typically, committee members are men and women whose experience relates to the committees on which they serve; therefore, they bring a great deal of knowledge to the table to share with others.  The committees meet monthly, work closely with various agencies, discuss mutual concerns, recommend to the JASRA Board of Directors positions to be taken by the Association, when appropriate, and develop and provide educational seminars for Association members.

Once approved by the Board of Directors,  new members receive a printed membership roster, listing of committee contacts, access to the “Members Only” portion of the association website, and a copy of the Association by-laws.  Also, each company will be listed on the JASRA website with information including its name, address, phone number, e-mail addresses, point of contact, and general description of the business.  Each member company can access this roster 24 hours a day.

For further information, contact the JASRA President, Bob Birtalan at 904-251-1621, or e-mail him at

Correspondence may be directed to:
Jacksonville Area Ship Repair Association
P.O. Box 280144
Mayport, Fl  32228


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